Free Delivery | Free Uk Returns

Q1,How can I trust your website?

A: We accept payment IPS which is a method of payment globle. To make your order secure,you can request the refund if you do not receive your order after you pay. And as you see,we want and will try our best to do business for a long time with you.

Q2,why is selling so cheap on our website?

A:Firstly ,We are the authorized retailer and can obtain the lowest selling price.

Secondly,we only do online sales,so we operate at a lower overhead than a retail store.

For example,we do not employ any sales staff or alterations department,all of which add to the cost of operation. Since we do not need to accommodate for these costs,we can pass all the savings onto our customers.

Q3,How long will I receive the order after placing?

A: We will ship the order within 36-72 hours after bringing the payment.Usually,it will take 7-15 days to receive parcel.

Q4,Do I have to pay Tax?

A:No,we mark all the package as gift / sample one,clients don’t need to pay for it. In the unlikely event that clients are required to pay for it,we will pay for that unpon the recipt of the tax invoice.

Q5,How do most transportation costs?

A:We can provide free shipping on all orders to these countries in 7-15 days (USA,UK,Canada,Australia,Spain,Germany,France,etc.)

As for other countries or places, we can also provide free shipping according to customer needs within 15-20 days.

If you need fast delivery, please click here

Q6,How do I place an order?


1. Sign up for free.

2. Log in to your account.

3. Search or Browse products,and if you want to buy them,type a number in the quantity field and click "Add to Cart". There is no minimum order.You Can add a single item if you want. And you can delete them later,or adjust the quantities if you change your mind. Products you have added to your Basket are saved there while you are looking at multiple items. Your cart is even saved for the next time if you disconnect or accidentally close your Navigator.

4. The first payment page is "address book",you can change the shipping address. For example at a different dropship address.

Q7,What kind of payment method do you accept?

A: We accept visa Cards,Master cards,JCB Cards online payments,and also accept to place via Western Union.

Payment: You can pay money directly to us in our trading system if you wish to pay by credit card. For other payment methods,please contact our sales representative.

Q8,What if I change my mind and want a different size or color after my order is placed.

A:Yes,you can change your mind by email to contact us before the parcel sending out(within 36 hours).

Q9,How can I cancel an order?

A:If you want to cancel the order which you make,you must contact us within 36 hours after placing order. So that we can do for you before order is shipped out.

If the parcel had been shipped out before you requested cancelling,don't worry,you can return it back to get your full refund. 

Q10.Could I return the goods?

A: Yes,but you have to send us all the proofs that will show the problems of the products that you have of us. If you can not prove who our fault is,We will refund all the money after you return the goods back.

Q11:What currencies are acceptable?

A:The accepted billing currencies are USD,GBP,Euros.

Q12:How secure is the online transaction?

A:All transactions are made using a SSL connection (128 bytes) provided by Verisign. The data sent from your browser to our servers is always encrypted The data sent from your browser to our servers is always encrypted. All our servers are certified Hacker Safe and scanned daily by ScanAlert for known vulnerabilities. Additionally our site does not store any credit card sensitive information.

Q13:Is my personal information safe?

A:Yes, the information provided will ONLY be used for making legal documents related to the transaction and for delivery.

Q14,How to determine if your order is successful?

A:In general, if your credit card is charged, the payment has been successful and the order status is shown "Processing"; If not paid success,the status of the failed order is shown "pending”.If you don’t know the order is successful or not, you can contact us by mail, we will promptly tell you the status of orders.